A downloadable game for Windows

*In development*

Bomb-Bardment is a two-versus-two multiplayer game for 4 people.

Try to blow the other team up without blowing yourselves up! The game is played in rounds and the first team to win 3 rounds wins the game.

Move Left Stick or D-Pad
Pick Up Bomb Button 1
Throw Bomb Button 1 (While Bomb Held) *

* When you hold down Throw Bomb you can aim where you'd like to throw your bomb with the Left Stick or D-Pad. The longer you hold down the button the stronger your throw will be. Make sure to throw before the bomb explodes!

Stefan Lopuszanski
Matthew Findlater
Du-Marc Mills


bombardment-windows.zip 14 MB
Version 3 Jan 10, 2017