A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

A Space Cowboy Game Jam entry by John Benge, Matthew Findlater, Du-Marc Mills, Steve Tamayo and Ivy Wilson.

You have 3 minutes to kill or catch as many enemies as you can and collect bounties. Capturing enemies with your lasso nets more bounty. Especially the ones with dollar signs above their heads. But they are harder to capture and are worth less the longer you wait to catch them. Lasso them and then drag them to the capture zone at the bottom of the level to collect the bounty. There are areas called gravity zones. In low gravity zones you can shoot to propel yourself.In reverse gravity zones you use your gravity boots to stick to ceiling automatically.


Xbox 360 Controller Keyboard
Move/Aim Left Stick or D-Pad Arrow Keys
Jump A X
Shoot X Z
Lasso/Release Lasso Y C
Reload Right Bumper R
Pause Start P



Gravity Bloke (Windows).zip 9 MB
Gravity Bloke (OSX).zip 11 MB

Install instructions

1280x720 is the recommended resolution.