A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Legion Defender is a two player game where one player acts as a hacker, and another a victim who must defend against the hacker's attack.

This game is implemented as a single python script. Currently the defender is designed to run on Mac OS X. The hacker works on OS X or Windows, but has additional features on Windows.


This game creates real (but empty and harmless) "virus" files on your computer. Run with care!

Multiplayer Head to Head

  1. Start the defender (aka server/host) and note the IP Address and Port:$ python legion-defender.py defend
    Now running IP: PORT: 2000 
  2. Start the hacker (aka client)$ python legion-defender.py hack [ip] 2000

Single Player

Both the attacker and defender can be played in single player mode that simulates the other player.

  • Defender:Add single to the end of the command to start it.$ python legion-defender.py defend single
  • Hacker:Simply omit the host and port$ python legion-defender.py hack

Copyright 2015 Andrew Mroczkowski and Matthew Findlater. All rights reserved.


Legend Defender Script

Install instructions

Python must be installed to run the game.