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"SUPER HYPER G.H.O.S.T. ROBO JAM!" (Or some other random name) brings back the old school arcade retro feel that has been lost to modern times. That unique event of crowding around a single small arcade machine to share in an energetic experience for 2-to-4 players.

"SUPER HYPER G.H.O.S.T. ROBO JAM!" (Or some other random name) has you play as Ghosts, a.k.a. super hyper mecha pilots, in the distant future, piloting giant mecha. The only way to control your giant mecha is through using giant control bottons: Bottom buttons control forward and backward movement, while the alternating side buttons control punching.

"SUPER HYPER G.H.O.S.T. ROBO JAM!" (Or some other random name) is a game about working together to control your mecha and overcome the enemy mecha. Only the most in-sync team will win!

Goal Destroy the enemy mecha while dodging their punches. Sync your attacks for maximum damage! AWESOME FUN TIME!

P1 Left Z
P1 Jump X
P1 Right C
P2 Left Q
P2 Jump W
P2 Right E
P3 Left I
P3 Jump O
P3 Right P
P4 Left Left Arrow
P4 Jump Up Arrow
P4 Right Right Arrow
Start Enter

Credits TEAM E.G.G. Benjamin Walker Adam Reifsneider Du-Marc Mills Stefan Lopuszanski Matthew Findlater